EPS Benefits:

  •   Lightweight But Strong
  •   Reduces Energy Consumption
  •   Good Thermal Efficiency
  •   Low Cost
  •   High Compression Strength
  •   Environmentally Friendly
  •   Excellent Insulation Properties
  •   Recyclable
  •   Fire Retardant

Technical Data

Guide Wall Piling

EPS is used in guide walls in construction work for loose soil foundation. These cylinders can be made into different sizes, as required by the customer.

polystyrene for landscaping

Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels may be used for building walls and roofs of buildings, as well as enclosures of industrial equipment, air conditioning etc. These panels consist of several layers of materials, including EPS. They become a barrier against wind, snow, temperature, snow, humidity.

polystyrene for bridge construction

Void Formers

EPS is commonly used as a lightweight material for forming openings and voids within concrete structures. This greatly reduces the weight of the structures, but not the strength. Fire retardant grade is also available.

polystyrene for airport runway construction

CNC Design

It can be made into precise shapes using CAD/CAM technology, for parapets, balconies and other construction forms, as well as for a huge variety of decoration purposes.

polystyrene for pontoons


The combination of its lightweight and compressive resistance, makes geofoam an ideal fill material for a wide variety of landscaping applications, including residential or commercial landscape berms and land forming, golf course construction and water features formation.

polystyrene for landscaping UAE

Airports & Bridges Fill

EPS Geofoam can be used under airport runways/taxiways to replace unsuitable soils without overloading the underlying subgrade materials. It can be used as a bridge support in new designs, and in existing bridges that are no longer structurally capable of carrying the required traffic load, EPS infill can help support the span and transfer the load to the foundations or underlying soil.

polystyrene for airport runway construction

Stadiums & Theatres Seating

EPS is ideal for forming tiered seating in locations such as auditoriums, movie theatres and gymnasiums. Installation is quick and easy.

expanded polystyrene (EPS)guide wall piling


Its superb buoyancy means it can support a heavy load and it is commonly used as a core material in floating docks and pontoons. Easy to cut and shape.

polystyrene thermal insulation blocks

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